TimeClick Review

It supports an unlimited number of employees.

CONS / In order to view employee time-off requests, you have to first generate a report, which seems cumbersome and unnecessary.

 VERDICT / TimeClick is easy to use and includes some of the best time-tracking features and administrative tools in the industry.

TimeClick has created a clean time clock software interface that is easy for both administrators and employees to navigate. It includes powerful tools for tracking time cards, creating schedules and creating payroll. It doesn’t require a monthly subscription but, rather, allows you to hold the licenses permanently once you purchase the product, making it an affordable solution. If there is a feature missing that you need, such as tracking and calculating shift differentials, TimeClick’s designers can program that feature

We tested, and obtained pricing for, the Single Station, which allows you to track an unlimited number of employees on a single computer. By comparison, other applications we reviewed limit the number of employees, or you pay an additional fee to support more employees.

This time-tracking application is easy to install and use. It allows employees to designate whether they are clocking out for the day or for lunch. Workers can also message their manager, supervisor or administrator in case they forgot to clock in or out and need it corrected before payday.

TimeClick automatically calculates accruals and tracks California overtime. If you need a specialty feature added, this time card tracker can make it for you. For example, TimeClick does not normally offer shift differentials, but since it was created especially for a client, this feature can now be customized for your own time card solution.

Employee time tracking is a basic and essential component of any time clock app. TimeClick has designated tools for tracking overtime, vacation, holiday pay, sick time and bereavement individually. This program is capable of tracking both hourly and salary employees.

Through the administrative portal, you can add employees, modify times and assign passwords to employees and managers. TimeClick includes a scheduler so you can create and assign shifts. The only feature missing is an easy alert system that notifies managers and administrators when an employee has sent a message or requested time off. In order to see these requests, you first must run a report. After viewing this report, you can then approve the time off or change the time card.


TimeClick is a powerful employee time card program that includes many of the best time-tracking and administrative tools in the industry. Customized programming is available. A scheduler, audit tools and designated tools for tracking sick leave and bereavement in addition to overtime, vacation and holiday pay are all included standard with the TimeClick Single Station version. However, the one drawback with this app is that it is not easy to see when your employees have requested time off.

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