Time Clock MTS Review

This time card solution tracks shift differentials and California overtime.

CONS / It doesn’t include scheduling tools.

VERDICT / Time Clock MTS is a high-performing time clock program with many helpful tools and features.

Time Clock MTS has several time clock solutions depending on whether or not you need a single sign in computer or a network of computers so workers can clock in and out from their own desktop. The Stand Alone package tracks up to 500 employees, both hourly and salary, with one computer designated as the time clock. This eliminates a worker from inadvertently logging in to a portion of the site not privy to them. This feature also cracks down on buddy punching. Additional controls include unique employee ID numbers and passwords for punching in and access restrictions depending on the employee or department needs. Other editions include the same powerful time-keeping tools but support more computers and employees.

Time Clock MTS is easy for employees to use to clock in and out each day. Employees can also request time off and view their time cards with this time-tracking software application. When a worker requests a change, administrators, supervisors and managers are notified so they can approve it on their end.

Administrators have a variety of options from their dashboard. You can track overtime, both traditional and California rules, specific holidays, vacation and sick time. Bereavement time is not tracked, however. This time card software is also capable of tracking shift differentials. You can allow employees to modify their time cards or reserve that function for someone with more authority. Time Clock MTS also creates audit reports, which are essential for tracking employee time when working with government contracts.

One tool that isn’t included with this time card tracker is a scheduler that allows you to create, assign and post shift assignments rather than relying on a separate program or Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, some administrative functions require extra steps in order to get them done versus other applications with more streamlined functions.

When the work week is over, administrators, payroll advisors or HR personnel can create payroll files that can then be exported to your payroll service provider or accounting software. Time Clock MTS creates both CSV and XLS files, the most common files accepted by payroll solutions. It also creates IIF files that are specifically designed for QuickBooks.

Time Clock MTS offers free technical support when you purchase one of their systems. This includes both email and telephone support. However, Time Clock MTS is located in Australia, so support hours are from 12:30 p.m. through 2:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. FAQs and a knowledgebase are available online and video tutorials are embedded within the program itself for easy reference.


Time Clock MTS is a good choice for time tracking with an easy-to-use interface for employees. This application has essential tools for tracking time and creating accurate payroll, including the ability to track and calculate California overtime. Employees can easily request time off while administrators receive notifications of time card items that need to be addressed. While shift-scheduling capabilities are not included, there are tools to track shift differentials.

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