OnTheClock.com Review

This time clock is extremely easy for your employees to use.

CONS / This solution doesn't support shift differentials.

 VERDICT / OnTheClock.com is a web-based punch clock that includes comprehensive functions and tools for tracking employees' time cards.

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OnTheClock.com is a web-based time clock software application that hosts a virtual time clock online rather than on your own server. All employees are given a username and password to sign in to their own portal, allowing them to self-serve many time keeping items. The clarity of the program and the excellent customer service makes OnTheClock.com one of the best time clock solutions and our Top Ten Reviews.

Interface Experience

OnTheClock.com is the easiest time-tracking software for employees to use out of the 10 systems we tested in our review. Once you're logged in, the punch button only gives you one option depending on if you are already clocked into the system.

The employee dashboard is clean and easy to use and understand. Our testers didn't have any issues or problems with the various employee functions. From the employee dashboard, workers can request time off using the clearly marked PTO label. There are a few extra steps required before the task of requesting time off is complete, but each step is well defined and intuitive, so employees don't get confused during the process.

You can create payroll files from your time card tracker and export these as CSV files. This file type is compatible with Excel workbooks and can be used with most payroll programs.

Time Tracking Features

One feature that is not available through OnTheClock.com is the ability to track and set payroll rules for shift differentials, which can be a detriment if you have hourly employees that might need to work swing or graveyard shifts. This software also doesn't track bereavement leave.

However, it does track vacation time, holiday pay and sick leave separately. Accruals automatically adjust as time is earned or taken. Even though it is web-based, you can still restrict which devices in your office can access the program. This ensures that your workers have to be physically within the office before clocking in.

Administrative Tools

This employee attendance tracker can optionally integrate with fingerprint time clock systems providing another layer of access control and security to your time-tracking system. It also has audit tools so you can create audit trails, which are specialty reports necessary for government contract work.

Through the administrative portal, you can access the in and out board to see who is clocked in at any given time. You can create mass messages to be sent to all employees, letting them know of important company business. Administrators are sent email messages when an employee has missed a punch, requested time off or asked for changes to their time card. All of these tasks can be taken care of from the manager's end without difficulty.

One tool that OnTheClock.com includes that not many other time card software has is a scheduler. Using this, you can create and assign schedules to employees. These can be permanent shifts or rotating shifts depending on your company needs. All tasks that you perform in the program are automatically backed up in case you need to access or restore previous data.

Help & Support

On its website, OnTheClock.com includes a library of video tutorials to help you through each task in the program. It also has a helpful FAQs section so you can find answers to your questions online. You can also reach out via telephone, though live chat is not available.


OnTheClock.com is one of the best time card software programs we reviewed. Both the employee and administrative portals are easy to navigate with all the functions and tools we expect in top-notch time clock solutions. Though it is a web-based solution, you can still place IP restrictions so only designated computers within your office can be used to clock in and out each day. While it can't track shift differentials, you can track vacation, holiday and sick leave as separate accruals.

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