Boomr Review

This software tracks where employees are when they clock in, which can be helpful for companies with remote workers.

CONS / It does not track shift differentials.

VERDICT /Boomr performs basic clocking in and out functions, but it doesn’t automatically calculate vacation or sick time accruals nor does it track time taken off.

Boomr’s app-based time clock software is especially useful for businesses with remote employees or multiple business locations. It’s especially easy for administrators to use and can track up to 20 employees, depending on the subscription purchased. However, this software lacks many of the extra features we looked for in our review, though it does perform basic functions.

To begin using the app, an administrator sets up a company account online through Boomr’s website. Only administrators can use the browser-based program; employees must use a smart phone app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

On the app, employees must log in and then clock in. The app uses the phone’s GPS to identify where employees are signing in. This helps assure you that the employee is where he or she is supposed to be; so, for example, if an employee is supposed to be at a particular office or at a client’s home, you have proof he or she is in the proper location.

As the administrator, you can track employee time and modify time cards as necessary. You can also create and export payroll files in a CSV format. CSV files tend to be universal and are accepted by most payroll programs as well as Excel.

While Boomr is fairly easy to use for employees and administrators alike, it lacks some of the features we looked for in time tracking software. Specifically, this software does not track shift differentials, such as graveyards and swing shifts. However, it does track overtime, including California overtime, and it can track both hourly and salaried employees’ time. It integrates with a third party to track and accrue PTO, holidays and bereavement time.

Boomr provides a scheduler, a feature not offered by most of the time card applications in our review. This feature can help you easily create a schedule that works across your company for all of your employees. This time card system does not employ any audit tools, however.

This software has many help and support options available. You can reach out to this company via email, telephone or live chat. Boomr also offers a comprehensive knowledgebase, a FAQs page, and helpful video tutorials.


Boomr’s app-based time card software is a helpful tool for employee time tracking. It’s an especially useful platform for companies with remote workers or multiple office locations. However, it does not offer some of the features we looked for and cannot track shift differentials.

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