IOIPay Review

You can pay your employees by check, direct deposit or pay card.

CONS: IOIPay does not allow you to print paychecks on-site.

VERDICT: This payroll service handles more than just your monthly payroll and does it all via the cloud, which makes it easily accessible at any time.

IOIPay comes with a handful of other services with its payroll solution, including employee online access, reporting and tax services. You can easily integrate IOIPay’s payroll service with accounting software that you might already be using. For instance, you can integrate it seamlessly with any of the popular accounting software programs, such as QuickBooks, Sage 50 and Quicken.

IOIPay payroll is a completely online payroll service, which doesn’t require you to have a desktop application; you can simply go to IOIPay’s website and log in to your account. This payroll service lets you give online access to your employees so they can edit their addresses and contact information and view their pay stubs, paid time off, benefits and W-2s through a web browser or mobile app. For these features, and many more, IOIPay earns the Top Ten Reviews.

The payroll company allows you to store up to 10 years of your payroll reports online. If you need to check old payrolls for auditing or legal reasons, you’re always able to look through your history.

IOIPay has built its application so the process is simple and uncomplicated for you. For instance, deductions and garnishments are built into the system. It automatically calculates your employees’ voluntary deductions and garnishments for you after you set them up.

This payroll solution offers a payroll deadline phone notification. If it gets close to your payroll deadline and you haven’t submitted your payroll yet, IOIPay calls you to remind you. This is helpful for busy employers.

Included in your monthly payroll cost are IOIPay’s tax filing services. You don’t have to worry about your tax payments and filings because IOIPay takes care of it for you and guarantees that they’re done accurately and on time. Additionally, IOIPay can take care of your year-end W-2 and 1099 processing, but this also comes with a small cost.

IOIPay lets you pay your employees by direct deposit, checks or pay cards. If your employees choose direct deposit, they can have multiple direct deposit accounts and split their paychecks by amount or percentage. However, if you plan to pay your employees via check, IOIPay has to print them for you and mail them – you can’t print them on-site yourself.

If you choose to pay your employees by pay card, you can deposit paychecks directly onto a debit card, so your employees can use their paycheck immediately. There aren’t any extra fees for choosing this payment option, and you don’t have to worry about printing checks.

IOIPay makes it easy to get help with payroll issues. You can get support via phone, email and live chat, and you can also fill out an online contact form on the website. The company also provides several payroll calculators, so you can manually determine employee paychecks and other information when you want. IOIPay also offers optional training sessions that you can schedule by webinar or on-site, depending on what sort of training you need. You can access many of these additional resources through your IOIPay portal.

Payroll services through IOIPay offers you more than just payroll processing services. Your employees can access their paycheck history and tax information, such as W-2s, on the website or via mobile app. The service also handles your payroll taxes, including optional new employee reporting for a minimal fee. You can’t print checks on-site as a payment option, but the company does offer the use of direct deposit, pay cards, and check signing and stuffing, so you aren’t limited in options. Overall, IOIPay is a thorough payroll service company worth consideration for your business.

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