ADP Enhanced Review

This online payroll service does not charge an additional fee for running taxes in more than one state.

CONS: Although the company offers many help and support resources, it does not assign you a dedicated account specialist.

 VERDICT: ADP Enhanced Payroll is a powerful online payroll solution by a trusted brand for any size of business.

ADP is a well-known brand name in workforce management services. The company offers several online payroll solutions, the most basic being ADP Essential Payroll, which is missing a few features compared to Enhanced Payroll, the next step up. This online payroll service uses ADP RUN, a fully featured and easy-to-use online payroll management program. You can run a variety of reports and use a flexible deductions and earnings setup. You can also count on excellent help and support resources for general payroll issues and separate resources for the Affordable Care Act. Because of its thorough payroll and tax services alongside one of the best help and support offerings in our lineup, ADP Enhanced Payroll earns the Top Ten Reviews for online payroll services.

ADP’s online payroll program, ADP RUN, offers thorough payroll features. You have access to over 30 reports that you can view online, download, print off as PDFs or export to Excel. The program integrates with other commonly used accounting and payroll software, such as QuickBooks. Other great features include state unemployment insurance and poster compliance. You can take care of your employees as well as make sure your business is up to date with necessary regulations.

When ADP first sets up your account, it also sets up email reminders as you want or need them. You can set reminders for each payroll period to remind you to run it. The reminders can also alert you to a bank change at the company level or to any security-related changes to your account. You have the option of setting up different reminders for each user.

Your employees also have access to a self-service version of the online program that lets them view their pay stubs. They can also use the online portal to clock in and out with ADP’s eTimecard. This ties your employees’ hours directly into your payroll, decreasing the chance of a mistake. You also have the option of letting your employees use ADP’s mobile app for easy access.

This online payroll program walks you through setting up payroll deductions and earnings. You can’t accidentally affect the taxability, so your payroll is taxed correctly every time. You can set up to 30 deductions per employee at any given time and manage all of them from ADP RUN. The system also tracks PTO accrual as well as garnishments. ADP offers two garnishment services. With ADP Essential Payroll, you can use ADP RUN to set up a garnishment. You then print the check and mail it directly to the payee. With ADP Enhanced Payroll, you have the option of ADP’s garnishment service, which take care of everything, including mailing the payment directly to the agency.

ADP files and pays your payroll taxes. This payroll solution guarantees your taxes will be accurate as long as you provide accurate payroll data. If ADP makes an error, the service will take care of any relevant fees and fines from the IRS. The service also takes care of your new employee reporting to make sure it’s done correctly. ADP processes physical copies of your W-2s and 1099s at the end of the year for a minimal fee.

ADP Essential Payroll offers common and convenient payment options. You can pay your employees through direct deposit, or you can print checks on site at your convenience. Payment options, such as pay cards with ADP’s Aline Card and check signing and stuffing, are available with the Enhanced Payroll bundle.

With this payroll program, you can pay hourly, salaried or contracted employees. Because ADP charges by payroll run, you can also run as many payrolls as you need during the month. When you first set up the payroll service, the company sets up a general payroll cycle according to what you need, such as biweekly or weekly payrolls. When you run off-cycle payrolls, they do not interfere with your regular payroll cycle.

ADP offers many options to contact help and support, including phone, email and live chat. You don’t get a dedicated account specialist assigned to your account, but ADP’s live support is available 24/7, which is helpful if your business runs during weekends or outside of normal business hours. The company also maintains several online resources, such as forums and FAQs, so you can troubleshoot common issues on your own.

This online payroll program has Affordable Care Act resources. You can access helpful tools, such as one to determine health care tax credits. You can also view a shared responsibility reference guide and a compilation of useful links to other resources, such as the Affordable Care Act site.

ADP Enhanced Payroll offers complete online payroll services for any size of business, making it one of the best payroll services. The service works alongside ADP’s powerful ADP RUN platform, which gives you the flexibility to program deductions, earnings and accruals. ADP also takes care of your taxes, including new employee reporting. This online payroll solution’s help and support resources are among the best of the comparable services we reviewed. Overall, ADP Enhanced Payroll is a solid option to handle your business’s payroll, backed by a respected brand name.

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