APS Review

APS offers a thoroughly customizable system that tracks changes and payroll information from the moment you start using it.

CONS: The service doesn’t have 24/7 live support.

VERDICT: APS Payroll Solution provides excellent online payroll software and services that you can customize to fit your business, and you can count on a dedicated account specialist for help and support.

APS Payroll Solution offers online payroll services that you can customize to fit your business’s requirements. This payroll management solution provides a great cloud-based payroll program along with its services. You can opt for time and attendance or HR features with the program, and all features pull from the same database, so your information is always correct throughout your business.

The software lets you create an unlimited number of custom fields for employee information, and you can add documents to employee online records and set them to be viewable by the employee or only by management. You can also set up unlimited accruals and program them to apply to employees depending on their state.

The company doesn’t delete any of its data, so you are able to access information such as pay stubs and reports all the way back to the very first one, regardless of how many years have passed. Every action in the payroll program is permanently recorded, so you can always check to see who approved certain changes as far back as when you first started using the system. You can run a wide variety of standard reports, and you can fully customize reports, down to filtering out or grouping together certain employees or departments.

The payroll service includes an employee self-service portal as well as mobile access for both Android and iPhone. Employees can edit personal information, and you can enable them to set up direct deposit. You’ll be alerted of updates by employees that need approval on your manager dashboard, or you can set it so only you can update information for your employees.

APS offers thorough tax filing and paying services. The company pays for many tax fees as part of the service and guarantees that the taxes are done correctly. W-2 processing with this service requires a minimal end-of-year fee as well as a fee for each W-2 processed. Employees can access their W-2s online. The service does charge a minimal fee per state for multiple states.

APS gives you the option of using direct deposit, checks or pay cards to pay your employees. Direct deposit requires a minimal fee, and employees can set up multiple accounts. To pay with checks, you can choose to either print the checks at your business or pay a minimal delivery fee for check signing and stuffing by the service.

This online payroll solution makes it easy to use pay cards along with U.S. Bank. You can add a pay card through the payroll software, and U.S. Bank prints the custom card for the employee that evening and sends it to you in the mail.

You can contact APS for help and support through phone, email and live chat. If you opt to include the time and attendance and HR systems, the system can better track information necessary for Affordable Care Act compliancy. APS also assigns your account to a dedicated account specialist and gives you a direct line to him or her. The support system tracks every change made over the phone, and you can immediately see any changes the account manager makes. The live support isn’t available 24/7, but if you leave a voicemail, you’ll be contacted as soon as possible.


APS Payroll Solution is a payroll solution that offers many custom options to fit payroll precisely to your business’s payroll requirements. The service provides a variety of payment options. You can also count on thorough customer service through a dedicated account specialist. Overall, APS is a competitive payroll provider worthy of your consideration.

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