Omega BMJ330 Mega Mouth Juicer Review


PROS / The extra-large chute means you can fit in whole pears, apples and other fruit.

CONS / The safety shut-off is a little too touchy, so you have to assemble this machine perfectly or it won’t juice anything.

VERDICT / The safety shut-off is annoying and there is no pitcher included, but the Omega Mega Mouth is a great option for adding healthy juice to your diet, thanks to its large chute and juice yields.

The Omega Mega Mouth lives up to its name. This juicer requires very little preparation because the chute is so big. You can put whole apples, beets, carrots and cucumbers into it with no problems. The finished juice is pretty smooth, and there is a lot of it. For these reasons, the Omega Mega Mouth is the Top Ten Reviews winner for juicers.

The juice has some pulp, which most people find less palatable. We ran it through the sieve and got more pulp and froth than we did with most other centrifugal juicers. However, it’s nowhere near as pulpy as what comes out of a blender juicer. It’s still very smooth juice, and free of the chemicals you get with the store-bought options.

This juicing machine’s weakness is in its construction. The plastic locking arms on the side are finicky. You have to position them exactly right, along with all other components, or the Mega Mouth will not work at all. That would be a nice safety feature if it were not quite so hard to get all of the pieces into the exact right spot. Once you get everything positioned correctly, though, this is a great juice machine in most respects.

The lack of an included pitcher is sort of frustrating and messy. You have to find just the right cup to put under the spout or you get a lot of splashing.

Assembly is fast once you understand how to do it, but cleanup is relatively long with this juice maker. There is no cleaning brush included, so we had to try our best to clean up the blade without. It took a long time. Every time it seemed clean, we spotted some other tiny piece of produce stuck in the blade’s teeth. That is only an issue if you go the route of hand-washing everything, though. You do not have to. The parts, aside from the motorized base, are dishwasher safe.

The Omega Mega Mouth falls in the middle of the pack for loudness. We recorded about 83 dB as we stood about a foot away while it was making juice. It seemed sort of loud until we got to the blender-style units, which are really noisy. This is not an issue for everyone, and 83 dB is not actually that loud. That’s about the same as a garbage disposal or shouting if you stand a few feet away. If you are worried about your hearing or waking up your family in the morning, you may want to look for a different juicer.

Omega has decent options for customer support, including a one-year warranty on this machine. If you have trouble putting this juicer together properly and need help, you can call or email the company.

The Omega Mega Mouth is a tough juicer to get clean, and getting it assembled just right can be a struggle. However, the large chute makes for a very short preparation time, so you may get that assembly time back. This unit yields a very respectable amount of juice from the same three recipes we tried on all the machines in our comparison.

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