Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000S Review

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PROS / Juice yields were impressive from every type of produce we tried.

CONS / The blade is difficult to clean, which you have to do after every use.

 VERDICT / Some of the plastic parts are flimsy, but this juicer is a great value, especially if you prefer your juice without pulp.

The Kuvings Centrifugal Juicer is ideal for those who hate pulp. This juice machine offers a smooth final product, except for a bit of foam on top, but a fair amount of effort goes into your juice every time. This juicer is difficult to assemble and clean compared to others we reviewed. That smooth juice happens because of a very fine central steel blade that is a pain to get clean. If you dislike pulp, though, this machine can be worth the effort.

The overall construction of this unit feels a little flimsy, even the parts made of metal. The locking arms on each side are made of plastic that feels like it could snap easily. The first Kuvings we got was broken in a way that put a lot of tension on those locking arms. It made us wonder about how they would hold up over time, even on a unit that was working properly. Judging by the online reviews, those clasps do fail over time. Kuvings sells replacements for them, though, and they cost very little. The competing juicers that have metal locking arms cost more up front, so it is a question of paying now or paying later.

Once we got a Kuvings in good working order, we were able to get an impressive amount of juice from it, the second most juice when we averaged the yields from the three recipes we tried on each machine. Oddly, the Kuvings struggled more on whole apples than it did on anything else. Beets and carrots are denser, but the apple was the only thing to slow this juice maker down. It only slowed down a bit, though, and then went on to power through the apple – peel, core and all.

The lack of a pitcher is a significant drawback with this unit. The juicers that include a pitcher are less likely to splatter juice everywhere. The Kuvings creates a big mess with its spout, which is fixed in a downward position, and the lack of a covered container. It seemed like no matter what container we used to capture juice, we got a fair amount of splashing onto the countertop.

This juicer is noticeably quiet, quieter than all but one other competitor, so that is nice if you would like to juice early in the morning or have a conversation while it is running. This unit is small compared to most centrifugal units but takes up more space than a blender-style juicer, which is something to consider if your kitchen counter is already cluttered.


The Kuvings Centrifugal Juicer makes a bit of a mess, and the cleaning process is comparatively long, but this is a good juicer at a great price, especially if you hate pulp. We removed very little pulp from the juice we produced with this unit, and it got more juice from the same amount of fruit than nine out of the 10 machines in our comparison.

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