Oliso SmartTop and SmartHub Induction Cooktop Sous Vide Cooking System Review

The Oliso SmartHub is a versatile sous vide machine that brings the functionality of multiple appliances to your kitchen. While other machines only do sous vide, this unit also can be used to cook soup, chili, slow-cooked dinners and other types of dishes. Its distinct design makes this possible.

The Smart Hub has two primary parts. On the bottom is an induction heater that is basically an electric stove. The top part is a specially designed container that maintains precise temperatures needed for sous vide cooking. This container can be removed, allowing the bottom to be used on its own with another pot or pan.

Although the Smart Hub is versatile, it does have a few limits with cooking sous vide. The first limitation is its water bath capacity. At 2.5 gallons, this unit has half the capacity of most sous vide machines. Rather cooking eight or more chicken breasts like average-sized models, this unit can only cook up to six at a single time.

The second limitation is its size. With dimensions of 18 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 17 inches long, this machine is much larger than immersion circulators. It will take as much room on your countertop as a slow cooker. However, considering its versatility, this unit is compact compared to having three separate appliances.

The third and last limitation is its high cost. This unit is at least twice the cost of many sous vide machines. This is due in part to its functionality that other machines don't have. Nevertheless, the cost is a major disadvantage if you won’t frequently use the extra features. A cheaper sous vide machine can provide a smaller and more powerful option for sous vide.

In addition to those three limitations, the Smart Hub also does not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. This increasingly popular feature would allow the machine to be controlled remotely with an app and provide access to a collection of sous vide recipes. This missing feature does make the machine slightly less convenient to use. However, it is only minor disadvantage if the machine will be used primary at home in the kitchen. The interface allows you to manually program timed cooks and easily find recipes online.

The Oliso Smart Hub is a versatile option, since it works as a sous vide machine, stove and slow cooker. The multi-functionality allows you to cook a wide array of dishes with a single appliance.

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