Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide Review

The ChefSteps Joule is an elegant and compact sous vide machine. Although it’s one of the smallest immersion devices on the market, it performs exceptionally well. Wi-Fi integration and a polished app create a smooth experience.

The ChefSteps Joule is the Apple iPhone of sous vide machines. Small, sleek and sexy, its minimal design contrasts sharply to bulkier competitors. Clean white lines and stainless steel fittings make it a stylish addition to any kitchen. It even includes a magnetized bottom, allowing the circulator to be secured in place for cooking.

With a weight of 1.28 pounds and a height of 11 inches, the Joule is by far the smallest machine we’ve seen. Compared to the giant 9.8 pounds of the largest model on our list, this unit is a tiny dwarf. The miniature size is great if you have limited storage space or if you plan to cook away from home. Its portable size makes it easy to carry this machine anywhere with ease.

Small size sometimes comes at a cost to performance or other standout features. This is not the case for the Joule. Though smaller than the rest, its specs match up with the best. Two design specifications stand out. Of the sous vide circulators we looked at, this unit has the highest water capacity at 10 gallons. This huge capacity will allow you to cook enough chicken for a family reunion dinner. That’s a lot of chicken. Moreover, this unit has the widest water level range at 6.5 inches. This range is the distance between the minimum and maximum water level needed for proper functioning. The wider the range, the better. Compared to the average range of 4.5 inches on other machines, this machine does surprisingly well for its small size.

The small size of the Joule is due in part to an innovative design. This unit does not have a display or manual interface. Aside from a small indication light on the top, it’s controlled solely by an app. The app offers a Visual Doneness feature that allows for easy and precise cooking. Rather than relying on online sous vide recipes and guides, you can use the app to program the machine using pictures of how your food will turn out. Select the picture of the medium rare steak, and your steak will come out medium rare. The app makes sous vide cooking easy and stress-free. However, this design does mean that the Joule requires a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and a smartphone. Without these, the machine is inoperable. If you want to cook amazing sous vide steak on a camping trip, you’re out of luck. No internet means no sous vide.

The ChefSteps Joule sous vide machine bears a convenient and graceful design. It’s small, powerful and user-friendly, making it a top contender in the market.

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