Korean Drama “The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim” Review


A fantasy mystery romance about two unique high schoolers who become involved in a series of mysterious incidents.

The story happens to two high school students, they are very young people who want to have a beautiful life ahead. However, Ga Doo Shim (played by Kim Sae Ron) is an 18-year-old who wishes to live as a typical high schooler but is born with the undesired fate of becoming a shaman. She is a brave and strong character who will fight evil spirits as she works on solving mysterious cases. Although a shaman to eradicate evil spirits, Ga Du-Sim refuses her fate and tries to live a normal life. She transfers to a new high school and meets Na Woo-Soo (Nam Da-Reum)

Na Woo Soo, a nearly perfect high schooler with a wealthy background, handsome looks, and outstanding grades. He has a peaceful and ordinary life until Ga Doo Shim suddenly appears in his life, he begins to have the ability to see evil spirits. Ga Du-Sim and Na Woo-Soo get involved in mysterious cases and fight against evil spirits.

It can be said that sci-fi, horror, and ghost movies are not new topics in the film industry. However, it can be seen that director Park Ho-Jin was very thoughtful when choosing two child stars Kim Sae-Ron and Nam Da-Reum as the main couple, they are very famous child stars; Although they are young, they have received many valuable achievements in their film careers. They can do their best in the drama “The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim”

Most of the dramas about horror, ghosts, or evil spirits are experienced by seniors or veteran actors who can show all the ghosts and mysteries of the soul world. Will our young couple solve the devil’s problems smoothly?

Just have a short teaser is not able to fully understand the drama. At first sight, Kim Sae-Ron and Nam Da-Reum were nothing to each other, but when they met, the potential in each of them was found. When they are alone, they can do nothing, but when they stand side by side, they will have the power to scare the devil. A trailer shows that they are very good at finding and destroying evil spirits.

Specifically, Kim Sae-Ron and Nam Da-Reum in high school uniforms, the scene is a gloomy evening, they are ready from the ropes, axes, and charms as weapons to fight against the evil spirits. Switching the scene between the gazes of the spirits floating in the building and our pair of magicians, it’s said that, the fight is not simple. How Kim Sae-Ron and Nam Da-Reum trained themselves to be able to become Shaman.

The male lead’s attractive beauty combined with the female lead’s steadfast and charismatic gaze has created the film’s top-notch visuals, making viewers captivated. This may be the trick the director has for you. The film shows a high sense of responsibility for those who have talent, please show it thoroughly, those who have not found their own ability can work hard for the person they love, which will help you become a powerful person, and makes you do something you’ve never done before, that can change your life.

Not only that, in this drama, you will feel and witness how young people do when they have the ability to see ghosts, evil spirits, and how to destroy those scary types.

Drama: Superior Shaman Ga Du-Sim (literal title)
Revised romanization: Woosoomudang Gadusim
Hangul: 우수무당 가두심
Director: Park Ho-Jin
Writer: Joo Brothers
Network: KakaoTV
Episodes: 12
Release Date: July 30, 2021 —
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Kim Sae-Ron – Ga Du-Sim
Nam Da-Reum – Na Woo-Soo
Moon Sung-Geun – Kyung-Pil
Yoon Seok-Hwa – Myo-Sim
Bae Hae-Sun – Hyo-Sim
Yoo Seon-Ho – Hyun-Soo
Yoon Jung-Hoon – Il-Nam
Lee Ji-Won – Soo-Jung
Park Yong – Sung-Wook
Baek Soo-Jang – Teacher Sa


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