HP LaserJet Pro M404dn Monochrome Laser Printer Review

The HP LaserJet's 35 page per minute print speed is one of the fastest available among its competitors.

CONS / This isn't a multifunction laser printer.

VERDICT / The HP LaserJet M404dn is the best black and white wireless laser printer you can get.

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If you're looking for a device to take on every application in a home office or large-scale use at a commercial office, the HP LaserJet Pro M404dn wireless laser printer will handle every job with ease. Its impressive monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages means that it can print tens of thousands of business documents without wearing out. In addition, its impressive 35 pages per minute print speed means that you won't be stuck in a line to the printer when weekly reports are due.  

The combination of exceptional print speed, great durability and high wireless sensitivity land the HP LaserJet wireless laser printer near the top of our lineup. Whether you're just sprucing up your home office or you really need exceptional printing speed and durability, the Top Ten Reviews winning HP LaserJet Pro M404dn will serve you well.

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Wireless Printing Performance

One of the HP LaserJet Pro's most impressive features is its print speed. Laser printers are known for their lightning-fast print speeds, but the HP M404dn surpasses even these expectations with a stunning 35 pages per minute print speed. This means that even if everyone in your office needs to print something at the same time, this printer will spit out a completed page every two seconds, keeping the line to the printer moving almost as quickly as the printer itself.

This wireless laser printer does not offer color printing, but it does have an impressive 1200dpi resolution. This means all your black and white projects will look amazing whether you are sending your documents from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can print directly from a USB flash drive as well.

This wireless laser printer comes with 256MB of built-in memory, allowing you to store commonly printed pages on the printer itself. This makes it easy to print multiples of a frequently accessed page, such as a calendar template page or a feedback form, directly from the printer itself.

Additional Features & Design

 The HP M404dn digital printer isn't a multifunction printer like others on our line up. It still has a touchscreen for easy programming and retrieving saved documents. It comes with a multipurpose and a letter tray. Together they hold 300 sheets of paper. This laser printer can support an optional third tray that holds an additional 500 pages. The HP LaserJet Pro is still compact, weighing less than 25 pounds and only about 14 inches wide.

Cost of Operation

In addition to a striking print speed, this wireless laser printer boasts a monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages. This means that at maximum capacity, the HP LaserJet can print 50,000 pages per month, although the manufacturer generally recommends that you keep the actual printing at 65 percent of the maximum duty cycle, or 32,500 pages for this model. The monthly recommended page count for the HP LaserJet Pro M404dn is still higher than the monthly duty cycle of the majority of wireless laser printers that we reviewed and it is a good sign of the durability of this printer.

The toner cartridges have a yield of 2,700 pages, so you won't have to continually replace the cartridge. It takes a lot of power to operate, 570 watts when printing a large document. In between printing jobs, the HP LaserJet only uses 6 watts in sleep mode and still qualifies as an Energy Star quality rated product.

Help & Support

A one-year warranty is included with the HP LaserJet Pro M404dn. This is a standard manufacturer warranty, so HP will cover repairs for any premature failure or malfunction due to manufacturer error. In other words, if you drop it out a window and try to get it replaced under warranty, you might have a hard time, but if a part goes bad, you'll be covered.

All of the standard customer support options are available with this HP laser printer, so you'll have no shortage of ways to troubleshoot or contact the manufacturer. Be aware that the company's contact methods tend to back up quickly, and it can sometimes be difficult to get an answer to a specific question.


With amazing print speeds, an impressive monthly duty cycle, great wireless features and an assortment of convenient additional features, the HP LaserJet Pro M404dn makes itself known as one of the best wireless laser printers.

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