Dell C 1765nfw Review

PROS / The operating cost is low for this energy-efficient laser printer.

CONS / The print speed is a slower compared to other laser printers.

VERDICT / It won’t cost you much to produce high-quality documents with the Dell C.

When it comes to office equipment Dell does a good job of making reliable, long-lasting machines, and the Dell C 1765nfw wireless laser printer is no exception. With the capability of connecting to all of your mobile devices, and one of the most cost effective printers we reviewed, this multifunction printer is one of the best wireless laser printers and our Top Ten Review.

With the wireless networking capabilities of the Dell C 1765nfw, you can connect and print from all of your smart devices including smartphone, iPad and iPod. You can also insert your USB flash drive into the printer and print your documents directly from it.

The Dell C has an image resolution of 1200dpi. This is double the industry standard resolution for laser printers. While there are printers that have a slightly higher resolution, 1200dpi is impressive for both monochrome and color projects.

This laser printer has 128MB of installed memory. This is enough to connect several users and hold multiple documents in its queue. Your documents will be ready to be printed within 16 seconds of turning on the printer. It will only print about 12 pages per minute, however. This isn’t the slowest performance for a laser printer, but there are some printers that are a bit faster.

For a wireless laser printer, the Dell C 1476nfw is compact. It weights a hefty 37 pounds and is 16 inches wide. Since you don’t have to worry about being connected with cables and wires, this wireless printer will be able to sit nicely in a small, enclosed space. The two paper trays, including a multipurpose tray, will comfortably hold 150 sheets of printer paper.

This is a multifunction printer, which means it includes a copier, scanner and fax machine. You can send documents from your smart phone to be faxed, or have incoming faxes and scanned documents sent directly to your mobile device.

Purchasing a wireless laser printer is a big investment, so you want to make sure it’s worth the cost. This particular printer has included some great energy-saving features that help cut down on the cost of operation. The Dell C is an Energy Star qualified machine. It only uses 280 watts of power when operating at its maximum. This is the least amount of energy consumed by any of the wireless laser printers on our review.

The toner yield of the cartridges that are compatible with the Dell C 1476nfw is 1,400 pages. The drum is part of a special drum/fuser unit that is designed to last the entire life of the printer, so you don’t have to worry about every replacing it. Based on the impressive duty cycle of 30,000 pages, it’s safe to believe this printer has been built to last a while.

The Dell C 1476nfw is very easy to set up. The instructions use large pictures that guide you through each step. This printer also comes packaged with software that instantly opens a helpful user guide. The mobile app, needed to connect your mobile devices, is available to download from the Dell website.

If you do need any assistance setting up or troubleshooting your wireless printer, Dell’s customer service is top notch. You can connect via Live Chat through the Dell website. Email and telephone support is also available. Dell’s support personnel are very knowledgeable and eager to help you through any questions or problems.

The Dell C 1476nfw is a great laser printer that is capable of handling many large print jobs. Everyone in your home or office will be able to connect and print at the same time, even from multiple mobile devices. The extra functions, such as copying and scanning, make this printer a good investment.

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