Best Shower Caps for Long Hair

Shower Caps for Long Hair

Shower caps are essential for keeping the hair dry whilst bathing or swimming. It ensures appropriate bath time without the worry of your hair getting ruined. Ideally, good quality shower caps are versatile since you can use them as sleeping caps or even in any situation that you would rather have your hair covered properly. If you’ve used shower caps before, then you know that reusable shower caps are very important.

Investing in high-quality shower caps for long hair will make your life easier in the shower. This is because you will have all your hair covered and protected from water. Besides, it will ensure that your hairstyle is not ruined or damaged as a result of using a wrong shower cap. Just like buying any other product, getting the right shower cap is not easy. However, if you go through our tastefully and thoroughly research reviews, getting the best one will be a piece of cake!

Buying a shower cap may seem an easy task to many. However, what you do not know is that going to the market without information may make you get the wrong shower cap. Fortunately, if you go through our precise guideline, you’ll find the best shower cap as fast as you never thought possible.

The length and thickness of your hair have a direct relationship with the kind of shower cap you get. Such that, if you have long and thick hair or hairstyles such as braids, locks, and weaves, you should go for an extra-large shower cap. But if you have short hair, standard size shower cap is fine.

Consider a shower cap with a flexible hem, which is elastic or adjustable. An elastic hem ensures a tight fit, preventing the cap from falling off in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. And an adjustable one will allow you to tighten or loosen the cap according to your needs.

Ensure the shower cap you go for is built with comfort in mind. Such shower caps are constructed with double lining to provide you with a more comfortable and relaxed experience. Also, it should stay in place even while you are sleeping.

The best shower cap should be easy to care for. This means it should be easy to clean and should dry really fast. If you get one that is machine washable, even better. It means it will be just as easy to clean as it is easy to use.

For an easy time in the shower, you need the right shower cap that can tuck in all of your long hair. The Mikimini Shower Cap for Long Hair is an ideal choice. This is because it is very convenient and easy to put on and off. The cap is quite stylish so that you not only need to use it in the shower but also you can use it for your hair mask treatments, at the spa, and when cooking.


  • Double-layer design: It promotes a comfortable wear
  • Waterproof PVC: It helps keep hair from getting wet in the shower
  • Flexible and stretchy hem: Enhances easy wear and removal
  • Cotton-lined finish: It gives a more relaxing experience

The Betty Dain Terry Lined Shower Cap is the most eligible choice for someone looking for a versatile unit. It is a 2-in-1 cap that lets you use it either as a shower cap or sleeping cap. It is aesthetically designed with fun fabrics, so you can pick your desired prints that will go with your taste and preference. Furthermore, all the caps from Betty Dain are machine washable for easy care and more convenience.


  • The leak-free design makes it waterproof
  • Has a reversible design for several uses
  • It is oversized to fit all hair thickness and lengths
  • Soft-terry lining: It enhances comfort

We know you’d give anything for a tastefully designed shower cap that stays clean after a shower. That is why we present to you one of the best-selling shower caps on the market today; the Betty Dain Fashionista Collection Shower Cap. Boasting one of the best sassy stripes constructions, this unit isn’t just attractive; it is also large enough to accommodate any long and thick hair. It combines modern designs with contrasting trims to give you a cap that will add flair to your glamour.


  • Accent ribbons add aesthetics to your look
  • Elastic hems enhance comfort and convenience
  • Water-repellent nylon exterior keeps hair dry
  • PEVA lining is friendly to the planet

There is nothing so annoying than a small shower cap that will leave most of your hair hanging out. Well, you can say goodbye to such dreadful moments by getting yourself one or two of the Simply Elegant Shower Caps. It is a large cap that will not only tuck in all your fluffy hair but also will give you complete hair protection even as you shower. What’s more, it is fully adjustable to give you a shower cap that is neither too tight nor too loose.


  • Double-lined satin: It protects hairstyles
  • Waterproof EVA resists mildew and dries easily
  • Adjustable drawstring enhances comfort

People who prefer braids, locks, extensions, and weaves know the struggle that comes with these hairstyles. More often than not, you will never find the right cap size to accommodate your hair when you go to the shower. If you fall into this category, you can now smile because the Simply Elegant XL Shower Cap will put an end to your struggles in the shower. This model is literally extra-large, so you can comfortably soak yourself in the bathtub or dance in the shower all you want.


  • The eco-friendly EVA dries easily and resists mildew
  • Extra-large size: It provides adequate room for big salon style hair
  • Adjustable drawstring will protect your hairline
  • Double lined satin: It prevents hair breakage

For individuals looking for the perfect size shower cap, which is suitable for showering and sleeping, this is your go-to product. The Annie Ms. Remi Day and Night Cap is large enough and tight so it won’t slip off your head even when you are fast asleep. It is the perfect option for styling as well because it will not flatten your hairline. Also, there is a ton of space inside the shower cap that will help retain the volume of your hair without distorting your hairstyle.


  • Double-lined finish to enhance comfort
  • Elastic hem for a perfect fit
  • Deluxe extra-large to fit lots of hair
  • Silky satin fabric protects hair breakage

For thick hair and fluffy hairstyles, consider the Annie Blue Dot Pattern Shower Cap to tuck it all in. The extra-large unit has adequate room to keep your hair dry without interfering with your style. It comes in a beautiful color and design that will enhance your looks. This model also features a good material at an affordable price, making it far from the ones you will find in the local stores.


  • XL size fits all head sizes and hairstyles
  • The elastic band is comfortable to wear
  • The vinyl material is strong to stand the test of time
  • The lace around the edge adds beauty

Whether you want to keep your hair dry in the shower or simply keep it intact when you retire to bed, the Betty Dain Tropical Shower Cap is a must-have. This isn’t just because it looks good; it also helps prevent accidental snags whilst dressing as well. The last thing you need is to have hair all over your face all the time. This shower cap is comfortable, essential and meets any style needs of every individual.


  • The turban design helps keep the cap secure
  • Nylon exterior is waterproof
  • Elastic hem provides a comfortable fit
  • The oversized design is ideal for all hair thickness and length

Talk about quality, style, aesthetics, and comfort, these and more are what you get when you buy the Betty Dain Diva Shower Cap. The fascinating thing about Betty Dain products is the fact that they present something that will match your style and personality. And this is no exception; just like the rest, it features accent ribbons and modern designs to complement your fashion choices. Besides, there are more beautiful patterns to choose from.


  • Elastic hem with tasteful accents
  • Large designs fit all hair thickness and lengths
  • PEVA lining is waterproof and eco-friendly
  • Nylon exterior is mildew and mold resistant

By now you already know that Betty Dain is a trusted brand, not only because they produce several products but also they are all about high-quality. And the Betty Dain Deco Dots Shower Cap is not any different. It comes in a beautiful design that will match any wardrobe. This cap is also easy to care for since it is machine washable and dries really fast. As a result, it makes a good travel item, which you can take anywhere.


  • Leak-free design keeps hair dry
  • PEVA lining is comfortable
  • Exterior nylon is waterproof
  • Oversized construction fits all hair

We go an extra mile to ensure that you get the best from our reviews. And this list is no exception. It contains a compilation of the best shower caps on the market so far. Therefore, rest assured you’ll definitely get one that suits your needs. And when you get it, we know you will be very happy with your purchase and even recommend it to others.

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