Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review

This is the most versatile digital photo frame in terms of the slideshow design.

CONS / There are relatively few ways to contact Pix-Star customer service.

VERDICT / There are some minor flaws with the picture this frame offers, but the feature set is among the most impressive.

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Pix-Star's FotoConnect, our Top Ten Reviews, can become a command center of sorts for your entire family's collection of memories. It comes with its own email address that makes it really simple to add photos to your wireless digital frame from anywhere in the world. You also get internal storage and the ability to plug-and-play photos from SD cards and USB jump drives.

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The photos generally look pretty sharp and the colors true to life in this digital picture frame with Wi-Fi. There are minor problems, though. One of our expert panelists noted that it "shows the edges of the photos, which detracts from the photo quality." Another wrote that the "light bleed is distracting." However, the scores were relatively high for this frame despite the issues with light bleed.

Among the standout features of this frame is the ability to send audio messages and short video clips through its unique email address or through its user-friendly Android or iPhone app. This is just the type of extra that makes this frame worth the investment. Sending a greeting from the grandkids that includes their sweet voices makes an update to a Wi-Fi photo frame extra special.

You can access your photo collections on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and similar sites easily and show them off on your Pix-Star FotoConnect. There are a lot of extra features that are local to the frame, too. Of course, not everyone who uses this frame will need reminders to take their medication or of doctor visits, but it has those type of alarms and extras, so this can become like a digital planner in addition to playing your favorite photos. You also can listen to music, play brain games and check the weather on this multitasking frame.

The Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud storage is great, but it is nice to have the option of internal storage too, and this frame has a lot of it. You can store 4GB of your favorite photos right on the frame. Depending on a number of different factors, including the size of each photo, that is about 20,000 photos. No matter what happens to your internet connection, you can organize and store a lot of memories on this Wi-Fi picture frame. That is a lot of comfort and will feel right to even the most dedicated Luddite in your family who usually insists on paper photo albums.

User Experience

There is always a little more initial setup with an internet-connected frame, but this one is relatively easy to set up. Pix-Star's online account and tools are simple to use, and we love how fast the connected photo frames reflects the updates to your online account. We uploaded photos and used an online button to send them to the frame, and they were quickly available for viewing. You can also control the frame with the buttons on the back or with a remote control from another part of the room.


This wireless digital frame is excellent and versatile in terms of slideshows, and it got the only perfect score in our lineup for this category of our review. The default slideshow is a classy collage of five photos, but you can also have a four-picture collage or a more traditional slideshow of one picture at a time.

There also are many choices for how long you want each photo to display – anywhere from two seconds to 12 hours. There are 12 different ways to transition from photo to photo with this frame, too. All the choices along the way help each slideshow feel personalized and special.

Help & Support

Pix-Star inspires a lot of confidence in this product with an impressive two-year warranty, the longest of any in our digital photo frame comparisons. The electronic version of the manual and extensive knowledgebase should offer answers to most of your questions, but you can also send an email. Live chat or a phone number would make it even easier to contact Pix-Star, though.


The picture is not exactly perfect with the Pix-Star FotoConnect, but it is really close aside from a little light bleed around the edges. The frame is excellent in most ways. This makes a great gift for a relative who lives far away. You just create an account, add a collection of photos online and send it. You can control the frame, adding photos, videos and audio messages for years to come, from wherever you are in the world.

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