NutriBullet Juicer NBR12 Review

PROS / Assembly and cleanup are a cinch.

CONS / It makes pulpy juice, which is not for everyone.

 VERDICT / The NutriBullet’s small size and versatility make it a sensible choice for a one- or two-user household, but it isn’t practical for whole families to use.

The NutriBullet is a compact, blender-style juicer that offers a convenient way to make juice and smoothies on a small scale. Although it is not the best juicer if you want juice for the whole family, it can easily provide juice for one or two people in minutes. You fasten the blade onto a NutriBullet cup filled with produce, put it on the base to blend, and then drink your juice out of the same cup.

This juice extractor is convenient in other ways, too. It’s the smallest juicer we tried, which is a big benefit if you prefer an uncluttered countertop or have limited space. And this blender-style juicing machine can do more than make juice. Having the NutriBullet means you do not need a separate smoothie maker for frozen treats, and it can handle some other food processing tasks as well.

There are definite drawbacks with the NutriBullet, though. This juicer breaks down fruits and vegetables without extracting pulp, and that makes very thick juice, which is not for everyone. You could always strain the juice afterward or get used to the pulp, though, which is widely regarded as beneficial to your health anyway.

The juice yield is respectable, especially compared to other blender-style juicers, but its noise levels are pretty high. We recorded 88 dB most of the time we were testing, with spikes of 93 dB. That is as loud as some lawn mowers.

Even though the daily setup and cleanup are relatively easy with the NutriBullet, the produce preparation times are long compared to those of other juicers. That’s because the largest cup is only 24 ounces, meaning you have to cut up your fruits and vegetables more than you do with other juice makers. While other units can gobble up whole apples, you will be cutting and chopping much more with NutriBullet in order to fit small pieces of everything you want.


The final product is very pulpy, and you only get small quantities of juice at a time, but there are many advantages of using the NutriBullet. Its small size and easy assembly and cleanup can make juicing easy enough that you may decide to do it every day, as long as you only need juice for one or two people.

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