Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender Review

PROS / Suction cups help this juicer stay put.

CONS / This is the loudest unit we tested.

VERDICT / The large amount of pulp it leaves in the juice is not for everyone, but the versatility of this machine is handy.

Juicing is the first capability listed for the machine on the Ninja Mega Kitchen System’s website, but that is really not this machine’s strength, especially if you like pulp-free juice. If you do not mind the pulp, this makes a perfectly fine juicer. It makes an even better food processor, especially for making smoothies and other frozen drinks. The Ninja has 1,500 watts of power and strong blades that unite to crush ice, knead dough and finely chop just about anything.

We were focused on juicing capabilities for our juicer reviews, but the ability to multitask is a definite selling point for this unit. As for the juice we got from the Ninja, it seemed very thick compared to the products of other juicers. However, many experts say leaving the pulp in the juice is much better for you because of the fiber content. Also, the longer you leave your fruits and vegetables in the Ninja, the finer and less noticeable the pulp is, and you get used to the pulp the more you drink it. There is a lot of it to get used to, though. Having to use a spoon to retrieve some of your “juice” out of the bottom of the pitcher can be rather disconcerting when you hate pulp, and you will have moments of that with the Ninja, depending on your recipe.

Using the exact same quantity of ingredients for our green lemonade recipe in the Ninja as we did in all other machines, we got only 1 1/4 cups of pulp-free juice. We got four times that amount with other units. We got a very respectable yield from the Ninja if you include pulp, though, so pulp lovers will do just fine with the Ninja for juicing.

The Ninja is noticeably louder than all other juice makers we tried. We had to yell over the machine, and the noise was the very first thing we noticed about juicing with the Ninja. It also took a longer time to juice the same ingredients we used with other juicing machines, because we often had to stop and rearrange ingredients like cucumbers and carrots when they got stuck out of the way of the blade.

Even with the relatively large pitcher, the Ninja requires more prep than many of its competitors. Apples have to be cored, and carrots and cucumbers have to be cut smaller. You do save prep time when you consider assembly, though. It only takes seconds to put the Ninja together. Cleanup is also simple. There are so few parts needed for juicing that it takes only a couple of minutes to do it by hand, and you can save even more time if you put it all in the dishwasher.

At over 17 inches, this is one of the taller juicers in our lineup, which is something to consider if you have low cabinets. The suction cups on the bottom are nice for keeping the Ninja in just one spot, though.

If you run into any problems, the customer service behind this unit is quite good. There are a variety of ways to contact support, and responses are speedy via email.


The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a tough sell for juicing if you hate pulp, but the versatility of this machine is a wonderful bonus. With the Ninja, you get a food processor, dough mixer and smoothie maker in one machine, and adding pulp-rich juice to your diet can help improve your overall health. If you can get used to the pulp and the noise, the Ninja is a handy juicer. 

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