Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine Review

PROS / This machine makes the most juice of all the units we tested.

CONS / It slows down on dense produce like apples and beets.

VERDICT / Cleaning it is a bit complicated, but this unit is one of the best juicers we tried, thanks to its high yields of juice and low noise levels in our testing.

Jack LaLanne, the famous TV personality from the ’50s and the “godfather of fitness,” is behind the Power Juicer Deluxe. We included the Power Juicer Deluxe in our juicer reviews, and we were quite impressed. Our Top Ten Reviews winner offers you a high quantity of virtually pulp-free juice that adds important vitamins and nutrients to your diet.

We got the highest juice yields of all from this centrifugal juicer. The 40.85 ounces of raw produce in the green lemonade recipe yielded 40 ounces of fresh juice. The next highest competitor got only 36 ounces from the same recipe. The soft and hard produce recipes also resulted in a lot of fresh juice from the Power Juicer. There was an unreasonable amount of physical effort involved in some cases, though. This unit hesitated a lot on apples, and we really had to push on the plunger to get the beets and carrots all the way through.

The no-drip spout on the Power Juicer limits the mess somewhat, but the lack of a pitcher adds some messiness, which is frustrating. You can find a container that works without spilling, but it takes some experimentation. It’s not the end of the world to have to find something to catch the juice that does not result in splashes, but we prefer self-contained units that are ready to work well right out of the box.

Incorporating a juicing habit into your daily lifestyle can give you the benefit of more fruits and vegetables. If it takes too long in the morning to put together and clean out a juicer after you make your healthy drink, it can make you want to hit the fast food drive-through instead. This is not the best juicer for assembly and cleanup, though all centrifugal units like this one take longer to assemble than the juicer blender style.

The Power Juicer has tight spots that are hard to get clean, and it’s constructed of a type of plastic that seems to hold on to messes more than other machines’ components. You have the option of the dishwasher for most of the pieces, though, so if you can rinse the big stuff off, you can forget about most of the cleanup.

This juicer makes the least sound of all the machines we tested. It is noticeably and wonderfully quiet, even when you force through the tough stuff. It takes up quite a bit of space on your countertop, though, which matters if you have a small kitchen and need to conserve every inch.

The mostly metal construction, nonslip base and especially the metal locking arm that snaps firmly into place make the Power Juicer a sturdy fixture as you operate it, unlike the competitors that move too easily on a wet countertop.

The lifetime warranty on the motor is excellent, and that is the most important element of the machine. The warranty is only 60 days on the rest of the unit, though, which is less impressive, especially since there are many smaller parts that can bring the juicer to a standstill. Finding and buying replacement parts involves time and hassle, especially with the less-than-amazing customer service by phone and email.

A relatively long cleaning time and the slowdown on apples and other hard produce are our only major qualms with the Power Juicer Deluxe. It gets a lot out of fruits and vegetables, yielding the highest level of juice from the exact same amount of raw produce we tried on the other machines, and it does so more quietly than the other units in this price range. This is also an excellent juicer if you are trying to protect your hearing or let others sleep through your juicing routine.

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