GreenCine Review

PROS / GreenCine offers a fantastic selection of movies rentals from which to choose.

CONS / You can only watch movies by receiving DVDs in the mail.

VERDICT / GreenCine doesn’t offer instant movie downloads; however, the wide variety of DVDs to choose from nearly makes up for it.


There is no shortage of movies available to rent at Even though GreenCine isn’t technically a movie download service, we feel that its huge library and affordable pricing puts it ahead of some competing services that do offer movie downloads and streaming.

There are several merits to GreenCine’s service; however, many areas need work. Compared to our top three picks, GreenCine’s website looks unprofessional and lacks the polished graphics and buttons its competitors’ sites have. Online businesses rely on their websites – in much the same way that retailers rely on their storefronts and window displays – to draw in potential customers. If its website looks unprofessional, a business will have a harder time finding customers who will take it seriously.


GreenCine works in a Netflix-esque manner, where you choose which movies or television shows you want and have them mailed to you. Unlike similar services, GreenCine allows you to have up to eight DVDs out at once, which is more than double the amount that most other DVD rental services allow. Movies are only available through on DVDs, which generally take between one and four business days to reach your mailbox.


Though GreenCine’s pricing is a bit higher in comparison to our top three picks, the few extra dollars per month should be well worth it for movie fanatics. GreenCine has a huge selection with tons of lesser-known movies. If you don’t see a movie you want to rent, GreenCine provides an email address to contact them and request it.


When it comes to posting information about a movie, too much can be, well, too much. It’s important to have the basic information such as cast members, MPAA rating and running time, but GreenCine goes overboard by posting information such as casting directors, editors and makeup artists. It makes the page look messy and overwhelming.


GreenCine has a customer review feature, but it falls flat. Most movies have no user reviews on the page, and the ones that do usually only have one or two. We were also disappointed that there are no critic reviews listed on any movie pages.


GreenCine received a low score for accessibility because it has no option to stream or download movies to your computer or mobile device. However, if you have a cell phone with internet access, you can log into your GreenCine account at any time to switch up your queue.


A huge benefit to renting from GreenCine is that you have unlimited access to its colossal selection of movies. GreenCine has a bit of everything, which is great if your taste in movies is a little less mainstream. Its movies are categorized by genre, and GreenCine has movies in more than 30 different genres. Specific genres such as Film Noir, Martial Arts and Silent attest to the diversity of GreenCine’s movie collection.


GreenCine’s Help page is a tiny button in the upper right corner of its webpage, but if you click it, you will be directed to a helpful FAQs page. If you can’t find the answer in one of the FAQs sections, however, the only option you have is to send off an email to GreenCine’s customer support and hope that someone answers. We sent an email and have yet to receive a response.



GreenCine may not be a movie download service, but it provides a wide selection of movies and free shipping. Although the website isn’t cosmetically appealing, GreenCine most likely has movies you can’t find anywhere else.

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