Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000 Review

PROS / The extra-large pulp catcher means you can juice for a long time without stopping to empty.

CONS / Putting this machine together and taking it apart is no small task.

VERDICT / This unit takes up a fair amount of counter space, but it gets a lot of juice from even the densest produce.

The Cuisinart Juice Extractor has everything you need to commit to a cup of fresh juice every day or a full-on juice fast. Its extra-large 3-inch chute means you can drop in whole apples, pears and oranges without having to remove seeds, which saves time.

Another time-saving feature with this juicer is the extra-large pulp catcher. Fresh juice does not keep for long, so you do not want to make lots of it in advance, but if you are making juice for your family or for the next day or two, it is nice not to have to stop and empty the pulp. You can get through a lot of produce before you need to pause.

The size of this unit may be a drawback, depending on your kitchen counter. This is one of the largest juicers we looked at. That does not matter for every kitchen, though, and the large pulp catcher that makes this machine so much bigger is nice in many ways.

This machine offers a more sophisticated spout than most of the electric juicers we considered. You can adjust it for the speed of juice flow. Another unique feature with the Cuisinart is the specialized pitcher that helps separate froth from juice. The juice has very little pulp or froth, but the pitcher ensures even less froth. You just get finished juice that you can enjoy right away.

Cleanup and assembly processes are a weakness for this product. Everyone will experience those things differently, but we found this unit to be a little complicated. For instance, if you do not place the pitcher in exactly the right spot, you get a lot of leakage. We were operating this unit for a few minutes before realizing we were losing juice.

This one takes a lot of time to clean up, too. It takes longer than most other machines in our juicer reviews. It was hard to figure out how to take it apart at first. Some of the frustration is just based on rookie mistakes, but since the other units were so much easier from the first day, it makes the Cuisinart less appealing in terms of convenience.

One or two speeds is fine for most tasks, even juicing the densest produce, but the Cuisinart Juice Extractor has five. Having so many different speeds is nice, but you may not need them all.


Its cleanup and assembly can be a little taxing, and if your counter space is limited, this is not the right fit for you, but the Cuisinart Juice Extractor makes delicious and nutritious pulp-free juice with very little produce preparation. You can drop apples and other fruits and vegetables, seeds and all, in its oversized chute and be drinking to your health in seconds.

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