TimeCard Manager Review

This program allows employees to easily send messages to managers for missed punches or time-off requests.

CONS / The system doesn’t have designations for tracking vacation or sick leave.

VERDICT / TimeCard Manager Basic is an effective time card tracking software that isn’t the most intuitive to use, with several extra steps required for some processes that should be more simple to complete.

EconSoft provides a variety of time card tracking software. We reviewed TimeCard Manager Basic, designed for small businesses with few employees. This program has a unique layout compared to other time card software we reviewed. The time clock looks like an old-fashioned punch clock with individual employee time cards sorted into slots. Employees need to click on their own time card and enter in their assigned employee password or ID code. From here, they will be taken to their time card with options to clock in or out, send a note to their supervisor, or edit their time card if permission has been granted for this feature.

While it takes a few extra steps to get into the employee portal compared to other time clock software, TimeCard Manager does provide a shortcut from the main page for sending quick notes. In the corner is a message button that employees can use to send time-off requests or missed-punch notices to their manager.

When you log into the administrator’s portal, you will see an envelope icon next to the employee’s name on the in and out board indicating there is a message for you. You can also click on the Employee Alerts link. This system allows you to modify time cards; however, the process isn’t the most intuitive and sometimes temperamental enough that it takes more than one try to get it right.

One feature that is different with TimeCard Manager Basic compared to other time card software on our review is the need to create a time card for each employee for each week before they can clock in. This means as an administrator, you need to be on top of creating the time cards and having them ready by the start of the week, otherwise you could lose valuable information needed to process an accurate payroll. The other solutions we reviewed automatically capture information as employees clock in and out and transfer it into a time card for managers to look over and approve.

TimeCard Manager Basic tracks holidays for payroll purposes but doesn’t have functions specific for tracking vacation, sick leave or bereavement time. It also tracks overtime, including California overtime that must be calculated after eight hours of work on a daily basis. At the end of each pay period, you can convert time card information into XLS files and export them to your accounting software or payroll service.

There isn’t a lot of support available if you run into any issues. There is an email address listed on the EconSoft website and digital copies of the user guide for TimeCard Manager Basic.


TimeCard Manager Basic is a time keeping program designed to keep track of when your employees are punched in or out during the workday. There are several little steps that you need to go through in order to create time cards and set up accrual tracking compared to other time card solutions. This system tracks overtime, including California overtime, and holidays for both hourly and salaried employees. The program isn’t the most easy to learn to use and there isn’t a lot of technical support available. It still includes the basic tools needed to keep track of employee time cards.

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