Sony HDRPJ275/B Video Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD Review

  The Sony HDR-PJ275 has a built-in projector.

CONS: This HD camcorder has trouble keeping focus when subjects are in motion.

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VERDICT: At a great price and packed with extra features, the Sony HDR-PJ275 is a great option for capturing your memories in full high definition.

HD camcorders can be expensive, but the Sony HDR-PJ275 gives you all the features and capabilities that you need for a great price. With its full 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, the PJ275 can give you the ability to capture your vacations, record life events and even help you direct a short film. It also has a built-in projector, so you can show off your footage anywhere. However, it has a few quirks, including poor automatic focus and a weak battery. Also, its zoom function is controlled with a left-right pivot rather than a more intuitive front-back control.

The Sony HDR-PJ275 has all of the functions you need in a high-definition camcorder, and its few faults do not detract from the overall value of the camera. Because of this, the PJ275 earns our Top Ten Reviews.

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Video & Image Quality

The Sony HDR-PJ275 is a full 1080p camcorder. At its standard settings, it films full HD at 60 frames per second. However, if you need to save storage space or don't need these maximum settings, you can adjust the resolution and frame rate in the menus. The menus are somewhat confusing, and you might have to browse the many folders to find all of the video and audio settings that you want to use.

The camera has some difficulty staying focused when there is a lot of motion. For example, if you are on the sideline of your child's soccer match, the game will stay in focus at the ends of the field, but center field will be blurry, since you'll be panning left and right more often.


The PJ275 is compact and light. Because of its small size, the screen is only 2.7 inches, smaller than most of the HD video cameras in our lineup. On top of its minute size, the screen lacks touch controls. Instead, you use buttons next to the screen to control the camera.

This HD camcorder has a built-in projector so you can show off your footage anywhere. This feature offers more functionality than other tools that we saw in comparable cameras. If you would like to show off your vacation footage and don't want to take the time to export it to a computer and edit it together, you can simply find a flat surface and play it right from the camera.

The battery doesn't last as long as the batteries of comparable cameras. You can only record for up to one hour on a single battery. Also, it only has 8GB of integrated storage, which is less than storage space of similar video cameras.

Convenience Features

This top HD camcorder has the most advanced features of any video camera we reviewed. With its intelligent auto mode and image stabilizer, it's easy to capture your memories at the best possible quality. If you are more adventurous, you have the option to explore its seven video effects. 

The camera uses face detection to focus on people, rather than focusing on motion. As mentioned above, however, the focus loses its subject easily if there is a lot of camera motion. On the plus side, the PJ275 has integrated Wi-Fi and near-field communication, so you can transfer video to your smartphone for easy sharing to social networks.

Help & Support

Sony also offers a full range of support options online. The PJ275 comes with a one-year warranty, and you can download new drivers and manuals from Sony's website. You can also find help through the FAQs and the community forum. If you need personal assistance, customer support representatives are available by phone, email and live chat.


The Sony HDR-PJ275 is a top HD camcorder with excellent features and tools. Its low price makes it a great value for anyone who wants to record their vacations, capture events and memories or create amateur videos. It has a few poor features, like the automatic focus that has trouble staying in focus and awkward menu controls. Still, the PJ275 has plenty of extra features, and its built-in projector lets you show off your videos anywhere.

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