Sony HDR-CX240/B Full HD 9.2 MP Camcorder Review

The Sony HDR-CX240 weighs less than half a pound.

CONS: The camcorder lacks touch controls on its LCD viewfinder.

 VERDICT: This Sony is an excellent entry-level camcorder because it is simple to use and offers good film quality.

If you need a simple HD camcorder to capture your family memories, the Sony HDR-CX240 is compact and affordable and it has a small learning curve. This camcorder offers full HD resolution and easy controls. It also has several extra features that let you personalize your videos. However, it also loses focus easily and gets grainy when filming close-ups. Rather than using the standard touchscreen LCD viewfinder that most other high-definition video cameras utilize, the CX240 uses buttons, which makes the menus more difficult to navigate. If you're looking for an affordable and simple HD camcorder, the Sony HDR-CX240 has all of the features you need, but it has some quirks.

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This full HD camcorder records video at 1080p resolution, filmed at 60 frames per second. In most filming situations, it looks great on HD TVs and monitors. If you are uploading your video to a limited platform like YouTube and only need to film at 30 frames per second, you can easily adjust the frame rate and resolution to fit your needs. In most situations, the device captures crisp footage, but close-ups look grainy and motion looks blurry. It offers low-light filming, but it doesn't look great.

You cannot film without a memory card because the Sony HDR-CX240 does not have any built-in storage. It has only one memory card slot and a limited selection of memory cards that you can use. If you have a high-capacity memory stick or microSD card, you can film for just over an hour.

The HD camcorder weighs just under half a pound and fits in nearly any bag or purse. The 2.7-inch LCD viewfinder is smaller than most of the camcorders' viewfinders in our lineup. This device lacks touch controls and instead, you have to navigate the menus with small buttons. However, the menus are easy to navigate, and within a few hours you'll have a good understanding of its features.

Lastly, the Sony HDR-CX240 has most of the advanced features that we look for, including intelligent auto mode, which adjusts the settings based on the filming environment and face detection. You can also download an app to control the camera and upload footage from your smartphone. With the various video and image filters, you can add a personal touch to your footage.


The Sony HDR-CX240 is a simple and affordable HD camcorder that gives you all of the features you need to capture your memories on film. It does not do a great job of filming motion and close-up images. However, if you want a full HD video camera and don't want to spend weeks learning how to use the menus, the CX240 is a good option.

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