Panasonic HC-X920 3D Ready HD 3MOS Digital Camcorder with Wi-fi Review

The Panasonic HC-X920 has all the manual settings you need to film professional video.

CONS: It is far too pricy for casual use.

VERDICT: The Panasonic HC-X920 is a fantastic prosumer camcorder, but it's overkill for people who only want to capture their memories.

The Panasonic HC-X920 gives independent videographers and amateur filmmakers high-quality video, but it's an expensive camera for anyone who simply wants to film family events. This HD camcorder films in full 1080p resolution, offers many manual settings and is compatible with Panasonic's 3D lens. It offers excellent video resolution, but unless you know how to fully utilize this class of full HD video camera, you'll have a hard time getting

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If you know what you're doing, the X920 has some of the best video resolution of any available camcorder. With full 1080p resolution filming at 60 frames per second, your films will look good on any high-definition display. In fact, this camcorder is 3D-ready, but you must buy Panasonic's 3D lens attachment. Unfortunately, the frame rate is lower than most prosumer camcorders. At only 60 fps, you can only film in real time, rather than in a high frame rate that allows you to play back in crisp slow motion.

The device does not have any internal storage, so you'll have to buy a memory card. With a high-capacity memory card, you can record up to 27.5 hours, but that is at the lowest resolution settings. If you turn on all of the extra features and turn the resolution all the way up, the standard battery dies within an hour. The biggest culprit of the battery drain is the Wi-Fi connection, but you can turn this off to give yourself extra recording time.

The X920 has many of the advanced settings of good full HD camcorders, including intelligent auto and image stabilization. However, these feel like an afterthought since the camera was clearly designed for people who want full manual settings. The focus ring surrounds the lens, making it feel much more natural and precise when adjusting the focus. If you use the automatic settings, the camcorder has face detection to keep your subject clearly in view.

The biggest problem with this camcorder is the fact that it's best suited for professionals. If you only need a camera for your vacation or for filming your new baby, this is way too heavy-duty of a camcorder. Also, its price is prohibitive for most amateur filmmakers and videographers.


The Panasonic HC-X920 is a prosumer camcorder with excellent video capabilities and features but it's too expensive and complicated for people who only need a camera for capturing memories. This HD camcorder is 3D-ready but requires an extra 3D lens. It also has several automatic settings, although these settings are of little use to professional videographers. While it is a great camcorder, it is overkill for most users.

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