Korean Drama "The Devil Judge" Review

The drama is a platform that clearly shows a dysfunctional society. The mutual infighting between those in power and the people's suspicion of fairness or towards public officials.

It can be said that in a society that cannot avoid conflicts, as long as there are people who still have hatred and jealousy towards each other, then the doubts and conflicts in each person will never disappear, this will contribute to creating a confrontational, chaotic society.

The drama's content surrounding chief judge Kang Yo Han as Ji Sung with a diverse face that can be cleverly transformed is the right choice to play the role of an unknown insider. Kang Yo Han is also the conductor of the trial with a punishment that no one thinks is a "Livestream courtroom." Those who are judged to have committed crimes will be held by the trial court and issued direct punishment to be broadcast live nationwide. It can be said, this is the weirdest trial that I have ever seen. Do you think, how to punish to satisfy the people without causing crimes to anyone? Is it a good way to protect national prestige or will it create many opportunities to cause chaos in the world? That said, only Judge Kang Yo Han can do this, people often call him an "evil judge" because no one knows if he will be a hero of the country or a person with a big conspiracy.

The drama does not only have Kang Yo Han make a story, but also has the confrontation and contribution of other identities. Movies have to have a good and bad guy, right?
That's right, and Kang Yo Han's arch-nemesis is his old acquaintance Jung Sun Ah, a power-hungry woman. At this point, I guess Jung Sun Ah has had a bad childhood and past, if she wants to have power, she must have been oppressed by power, so now she wants to take control to force to win. It is heard that she overcame poverty to try to build a position for herself in this chaotic society. Now it can confirm that she has succeeded as an executive director of a social responsibility fund. Once she stepped into this society, it was impossible to stand alone so she made many connections and established political connections as well as wielded a terrible power that could change a country. To prove this, names in relation to Jung Sun Ah can be mentioned such as the family of President Heo Joong Se and his wife Do Yeon Jung; Minister of Justice Cha Kyung Hee and her husband Lee Jae Kyung; also the chairman of Saram Media Group and his wife Pi Hyang Mi; family of Minbo Group chairman, Min Yong Shik and his wife Kim Sang Sook. All the big faces in society.

Besides the main male and main female couple, there will also be a cute couple, they are childhood friends. Their visuals are quite attractive, maybe the visuals of the movie are Jinyoung (member of the famous group GOT7) as Kim Ga On and the cute smiley Park Gyu Young as Yoon Soo Hyu. In the movie, the girl with her hair is quite strong, sometimes she looks a bit handsome.

The movie has a poster in the form of a chart so that people can more easily understand the relationships in the movie because there are too many connections, so it is necessary to make a chart for everyone to be easy to understand. Looking at the chart, it is clear that 4 representative faces participated in this power battle. Kang Yo Han is someone who has many unclear relationships, especially the one named "K", which can be predicted as someone in my shadow who helps Kang Yo Han make transactions as well as solve problems, helping Kang Yo Han win more victories in court as well as in society. Kim Ga On is a handsome, cool-looking guy who is a supporting judge alongside Kang Yo Han in court cases, Kim Ga On is in a relationship with his childhood girl Yoon Soo Hyu and a supreme judge that he trusted Min Jung Ho. It can be seen that Kim Ga On only revolves around professional relationships.

The indispensable character is Jung Sun Ah, as mentioned above, she is currently a powerful person and knows many relationships that can change a country, will she have her own plan to overthrow or expose archenemy Kang Yo Han. Because society is so chaotic, the ruler can be the hero of the people, or the devil wearing a mask. The whole story is related to the law, whether the law will really be fair and bring balance to the right society.

Entering this turbulent world, two childhood friends are on a quest for true justice: a rookie orphan judge named Kim Ga On and a policeman named .. Do they have what it takes to take on the scheming Jung Sun Ah... and "The Devil Judge?"

Trailer: Kang Yo Han shows the power behind the chief judge's coat, attracts everyone's attention, harshly judges directly, all adjudges are broadcast live nationwide. And in Korea, the affluent upper classes choose a nice location in a club, hold wine in their hands and enjoy "Livestream courtroom". Contrary to the high-class scene where the entire population is the low-class when watching live, someone will be shocked, there will also be people who don't care, or there are people who hold anger in their hearts, all emotions can happen.
Jung Sun Ah appeared with a face full of experience, sharp eyes determined to win to get righteousness, through her words and eyes, shows that she is not an easy person, will she be as upright as she wants to be, or will the broken society make her hide with some other conspiracy.
Through the eyes of Kim Ga On and Yoon Soo Hyun can see that they are very disappointed with this dire reality, not simply participating in society but war, with life and death, weak and strong. The decision-making authority is "Evil Judge" Kang Yo Han. How many secrets are hidden, how many conspiracies are laid and society will return to the right trajectory, will the justice of the people be judged fairly? Follow the Blog for the fastest movie details.


Title: 악마판사 / The Devil Judge
Genre: Mystery, Legal
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2021-July-03 to 2021-Aug-22
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00


Main Cast

Ji Sung as Kang Yo Han
Kim Min Jung as Jung Sun Ah
Jin Young as Kim Ga On
Park Gyu Young as Yoon Soo Hyun

Supreme Court

Ahn Nae Sang as Min Jung Ho
Kim Jae Kyung as Oh Jin Joo

Social Responsibility Foundation

Jang Young Nam as Cha Kyung Hee
Baek Hyun Jin as Heo Joong Se


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